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Published on December 1st, 2017 | by David Brown

Album Review: Iris Jupiter/Fk Mt. Split

review by David Brown


Iris Jupiter
1. Riff Jockey
2. Buzz Cut

Fk Mt.
1. Take It Slower
2. Sad

What if I told you that I have never heard of either of these bands? What if I told you that I wish I had? Something tells me that both these bands play loud enough that even the good lord J Mascis would be proud.
Iris Jupiter starts things off with a fuzzy bang with the appropriately named Riff Jockey. Within the first thirty seconds, I was blown away by how much this song sounds like a perfect blend of early Weezer(the only Weezer in my opinion, nerds) and Surfer Rosa-era Pixies. The fuzzed out guitar heroics and the kickass guitar solo only furthers my point.

The next song, Buzz Cut brings me back to middle school. Not just because of the shitty buzz cut I had(that’s a story for another time…or not), but because back then I was rocking the blue album like it was going out of style(it never did). This song is so upbeat and fun that I had to listen to it twice.
Next up, we hear Fk Mt. bring the doom and gloom of the early Seattle Sub-Pop scene, while maintaining their own melodic sound. Take It Slower brings that dark, phased out guitar sound that Greg Sage and the Wipers helped pioneer. Two words: very catchy. This is followed by the grungy, grimey song Sad. If you can get through the three mile thick wall of guitars, you can hear what a perfect melodic riff sounds like. The song closes out with sonic, ear pummeling riffage.

All in all, this split is great and a lot of fun. If you like side A, you’ll probably like side B. Its already available here at
Get it while its hot!

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