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Published on April 22nd, 2016 | by Denise Borders

Album Review: KarbomB/Seagulls 7″ Split


review by Denise Borders

Dudes. I was stoked on this split. Before this, I wasn’t really familiar with Seagulls but I am a loyal KarbomB fan. Say 10 Records released the album with the notation that it’s great for fans of Hot Water Music and A Wilhelm Scream, which I agree with! I think if you’re into the “Fest” sounding bands, that’s also a good way to describe them. I would also maybe add names like Red City Radio, Direct Hit and maybe even a general Fat Wreck Chords fan would probably dig both of these bands.


1) KarbomB – Holy Babble
2) KarbomB – Same Shlitz Different Daze
3) KarbomB – Tuff Shit
4) KarbomB – Skatebreed
5) KarbomB – Scrape
6) KarbomB – Dream On
7) Seagulls – (Treat Yo Self To Some) Night Terrors
8) Seagulls – Prepare To Be Underwhelmed
9) Seagulls – Lethal Weapon 5
10) Seagulls – Rob Fordingthefuckingriver
11) Seagulls – Jumper

Okay, this is pretty damn rad. Not all the songs are new, but it’s a nice mix of unreleased and new songs with some covers mixed in.  Both bands tackled covers with Aerosmith’s Dream On and Third Eye Blind’s Jumper. KarbomB did their version in typical punk fashion, making it faster and a little grittier than the original with Seagulls following suit and making their track have a much different sound than the original. I think Jumper sounds like it would be a hilarious karaoke version that has somehow made it onto a CD, it sounds like some dude just having a blast on a drunken Tuesday night singing this high school classic. AM I RIGHT.

I went a little backwards on this one, sorry I guess. I will venture back to the top of the track list with the first few KarbomB tracks, which aren’t necessarily new songs but I don’t think they’ve been released on anything yet. I’ve heard them play both the first and second tracks live before, and I immediately dug both of them. This band has a great style of music, and I’ve always described them as one of those bands that just plays exactly the type of music I want to listen to. They’re rough but write some catchy shit. Seagulls is a band that I wasn’t familiar with before, but they are definitely similar, however, I am still googly eyes for KarbomB all the way.

All in all, you need to make sure to order this shit right now. Both of these bands still appreciate every ounce of support from anyone, and I can tell you they deserve your attention. Stay tuned for more news to come on both of them!


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