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Published on September 16th, 2009 | by Denise Borders


Ashton Kutcher Sucks.

I don’t know about everyone else… but I cannot stand Ashton Kutcher. I know quite a few people that loooOOoOoOve him (*eyeroll*) but it seems that he definitely has a lot of haters as well (thank God). He’s NOT attractive, not that great of an actor and is just extremely annoying. Did you all know he has a twin brother?

Oh, but he has cerebral palsy so it seems that Ashton doesn’t exactly scream from the rooftops that he exists. Most people would embrace their twin, but this jerkwod doesn’t EVER speak about his own twin brother!

Michael and Ashton Kutcher

Michael and Ashton Kutcher, a website known for revealing the not so pretty side of Hollywood, speaks about Ashton and his twin brother. Something annoying mentioned in the article:

“For Ashton, a biochemical-engineering major who dropped out of the University of Iowa at age 19, school “came really easy,” and he seems to find the entertainment business as easy as he found his best subject, math.”

Oh, really? I can’t stand it when people say they drop out of school because it’s “too easy.” That has to be one of the most ridiculous things someone can say. Right, I’m sure that you DROPPED OUT of engineering school because it was too easy and not because you couldn’t finish or a million other reasons. Why would anyone stop doing something that only betters yourself, because it’s too easy? Retard.

Nice picture, Ashton =/

Nice picture, Ashton =/

Ha- I found a blog post called, “F*** YOU, Ashton Kutcher” that is pretty entertaining.

They claim that after bashing him online, Ashton actually called them and left a voicemail. You can listen to the message from the link above.

I also found a Dave Chapelle track online called “Def Jam Poetry: I Hate Ashton Kutcher” so if you’re interested, you should check it out! 🙂


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Denise Borders

32, Los Angeles. Denise founded PWV in 2008 and remains the primary manager and photographer/videographer. She thinks the world would be a better place if there were more John Joseph's walking around.

93 Responses to Ashton Kutcher Sucks.

  1. Victoria says:

    He is the best person ever, you guys just don’t know what an amazing guy would be if he hit you in the face!

    He is really hot, and an amazing actor

  2. pucung says:

    he looks like my boss,make me weak

  3. crystal says:

    If that’s really his twin brother, I can just imagine how resentful he must be..

  4. Matt says:


    “He is the best person ever,…He is really hot, and an amazing actor”

    If by amazing actor you mean has only acted in stupid as shit suck-ass movies, then yeah, great guy…

  5. lilly says:

    he is soooo FUCKING SEXYY!! you have problems like making a website to put someone down, you jelious bitch, hes famous your not so get over it

  6. Admin Admin says:

    Hmm… sure! You’re a great speller. You’re probably really smart, too.

  7. pm1591989 says:

    But do you know Ashton Kutcher enrolled at the University of Iowa in August 1996, where he majored in biochemical engineering, motivated by the desire to find a cure for his brother’s heart ailment.

  8. Angy says:

    Is this serious? I went on google to find a pic. of Ashton’s gorgeous face and end up finding this. Ashton Kutcher is drop-dead sexy as hell. Not only does he look good no matter what but adds charisma to all his movies. He looks good as fuck on That 70s Show and those COOLPIX commercials. I absolutely loooooovvvveeeee him.

  9. Annie says:

    I really think you should do some research before running your mouth off like this. I know about Ashton’s twin brother because I’ve heard him speak of him multiple times in interviews. And his brother doesn’t have cerebral palsy, he has Cardiomyopathy which is a heart muslce disease so I think you should get your facts straight. Maybe a reason that Ashton doesn’t bring it up much is because it’s a PRIVATE matter and because it was a hard thing to deal with growing up. He’s mentioned that being at home was hard because all he would hear was bad news about his brother and he actually attempted to commit suicide at one point. A private and personal family matter like that is definitely not what I would want to see someone ‘shouting from the rooftops about’. I would actually think less of Ashton if he did. And yet again, get your facts straight, Ashton dropped out of college because he’d been spotted by a modeling agent and had a chance to pursue that instead. This whole post is ridiculous and idiotic. Grow up a little

  10. Martha says:

    WTF. Bitch don’t you have anything better to do. There are plenty of ppl I don’t like but I don’t make website to hate on them. Get a life.

  11. Terry says:

    I agree, Ashton is Great! The family business is the family business and you should mind your own business before you write bs and have no idea what you are talking about! He’s a star, you are jealous and resentful. Get a life!

  12. james says:

    Ashton kutcher is fucking gay and a whinny bitch. but its ok, he punks people and they love it. jackasses all around.

  13. Crystal says:

    omg what a sexxxxyy pic! i love this man

  14. lesley says:

    i think that all of you guys are idiots. how can you jugde ashton? none of you guys no him personaly. so any one of you guys sit down with him for sunday brunch and have a chat? no, i dont think so. maybe he just doesnt want to bbring his family, including his brother, and personal life into the media eye. fine, go ahead and judge him as an actor and a comedian but dont judge him as a person cuz you dont know him.

  15. Tenille says:

    wow really read everything you just wrote and then think to yourself do I sound like a twelve year who is jealous of someone or do i even know what I am talking about?? grow up…

  16. Jessica S says:


  17. Wallace says:

    fuck you Ashton Kutcher your hideous as hell or call you by your nickname Ash Ketchum from pallet town,

  18. Wallace says:

    your fucking faggot ashton kutcher when seeing the picture up there i puke so hard that i can’t even fucking sleep

  19. Aisha says:

    oh you are so stupid my God, your are so bad and jealous… ha ha ha ha ! XD Damn… what a stupid mind you have, do you know what is the talent? i think no… but yeah its just my opinion… so if u think u are so cute publishing this post, I say you “fucking crazy mind” please save your mind and soul. don’t be jealous don’t be is so sad 🙁 poor

  20. aisha says:

    aww.. i forget… THANK YOU ! anyway its a publicity vote for him! your post is one of the most visited so… W ASHTON! 😀 and you will never cute like hime..cuz u stinks of shit .ha ha X°°°D

  21. b-sexy says:

    Yooo his acting in That 70’s show was and still is funny as fuck tho you got to give the man that.

  22. b-sexy says:

    And just to keep my rambling on, I think denice is fucken bea-utiful and I should take her to some nice fancy ass restaurant and then to a fun-filled ass night somewhere she might like. What do you peeps feel about that?

  23. b-sexy says:

    I will rock your world girl, there’s no doubt in my mind about that.

  24. b-mud says:

    He came into notoriety from underwear ads and has made a name for himself through many savvy moves made by his own decision making on what projects to do. He knows what is pushing the envelope without crossing the line while blurring the lines. He knows what facial gesture and body projection glandularly attracts attention. And he is breaking new ground with his new movie in the action hero genre….. It all boils down to this: If you are an idiot and like him, ask him if he’ll let you suck his little dick, little girl. And if you are intelligent and hate him, ask him if he’d like his punk bitch ass beat the fuck out of and put into the hospital for rehab. For any of his fanatics, my last girlfriend liked “That ’70’s Show” and I got to know the characters pretty well. That actor who always wore glasses (along with the geek and the mexican fruity) who would always assert himself to Mr. Idiot’s imaginary prowess by punching him or throwing him down otherwise, that is me. Brains & Brawn, you fucking bitches. Fick Du. Auf Wiedersehn.

  25. Dave says:

    I would love to cut off his face and eat it.

  26. zirol says:

    Ashton kutcher is not a human,he’s not an actor.He’s a piece of shit that must be erased from the face of earth.Zero tallent,zero looks

  27. Louie Holmes says:

    I’ve seen Carrie Prejean in person and i would have to say that she is just average looking`'”

  28. haha =) says:

    oh you guys really need to stop. if you dont like the guy just say that and go away. no need to drag it on saying things about him that just make you sound stupid cuz its not funny or cool. its annoying. i mean i dont care for him that much but i dont hate on him. i know yall get some sick satisfaction out of saying these things and its funny cuz i bet if ashton heard it he wouldnt give a crap and he’d just say “oh no someone doesnt like me i’ll just go to one of my many billion dollar homes or work on another movie til the pain goes away.” haha he really doesnt give a fuck what you think and neither does anyone one else so screw off.

  29. xhx says:

    ashtun kutcher suuuuuuuuuuucks i mean look at what he have done to Mike shinoda he is a devil plus he is not eaven an actor he is a deamon

  30. Ichiro says:

    Ashtun Kutcher sucks. None of the characters he plays have any sort of depth to them. And I hate that the only retorts come from the female populace and are along the lines of “OMFG HE IZ HOT HOW DARE YOU INSULT HIM”. What the hell is this Twilight?

  31. Carrie Prejean is quite pretty and i have a big crush on her too*-~

  32. Jason says:

    Obviously, you don’t know much about the relationship between Ashton and his brother. Think before you publish.

  33. GSwildcat says:

    Do any of you know what talent is? That’s exactly what I thought! Ashton Kuthcher is flippin amazing! Those of you that actually stick up for him, good for you! At least somepeople can show a little respect around here!

  34. ivan jerkinhoff says:

    hes way overexposed and overrated.
    i am just plain sick of him

  35. Anthony says:

    Yeah, he was such a great actor that Cameron Crowe removed him from a movie and told him to get acting lessons. He’s not ugly, but to say he is a good actor just shows how fucking stupid women are. He’s good looking, so that must mean that he is a good actor as well. Grow the fuck up and quit thinking with your cunts. None of his movie had made me laugh or given me any though of talent. I thought he was alright in that 70’s show, but he was playing himself, a total fucking dumb ass. Also, you morons need to learn how to use grammar. You went to school for a reason.

  36. gay lover says:

    i dont know about you guys,but heeee is sooooooooooooooooooooo fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccking hooooooooooooooooot i would like him to doggy fuck me.aaaaaaaaaaaah

  37. thomas says:

    U gotta admit that his movies lately suck major balls

  38. How selfish Ashton is- to steal all the good genes from his brother to keep them for himself. Shows what kind of bastard he really is.

  39. Fred says:

    Kutchner’s probably a nice guy but Sheen is an actor.

    There is a difference.

  40. dudder IA says:

    most of you are fucking brain dead jealous. kutcher is the shit, maybe its because im an iowa kid. my father worked with ashtons dad for years at genral mills in cedar rapids, ia. do not run good people down if you do not know them personally

  41. BangWaCherry says:

    I can’t speak for whether or not he is a good person, I have not met him.
    I cannot speak as to if he is good looking, I am a heterosexual male and do not understand how anyone looks at a man and thinks it looks good. I also cannot understand how anyone can look at a women and not think she looks good.
    I do know he is the worst actor I think I have ever seen, with one exception. He plays a very convincing idiot.
    I also do not know why people think he is such a genius. I do not know of an original idea he has ever had.
    I also do not know of anyone who dropped out of school because it was “too easy”, except maybe Albert Einstein and I am not sure on that.
    Although, he (Kutcher) marry Demi Moore, so I give him a few points for that.

  42. [..] Ashton Kutcher Sucks. – .. [..]

  43. b_animal says:

    this dumbass cant act. he is a peice of shit as it goes for actors he cant act good enough to save a piss ants life

  44. Dona says:

    He’s a zero talent ass clown that is trying to leech off Charlie’s success!!

  45. [..] Ashton Kutcher Sucks. – .. [..]

  46. urstupid says:

    You starry eyed women (Victoria pucung jessicca) wouldn’t know a real man if your life depended on it

  47. Paul says:

    sorry but ashton rules and is a bloody legend… watch that 70s show and you will no why

    ive never seen ashton apart from that 70s show but hes a bloody legend you know it

    im glad hes on two and a half men as charlie sheen is boring and needs a life transplanet

  48. Admin Admin says:

    well yeah that show was before he became a total douche! i know people that work with him and may others that have worked with him in the past, and trust me I hear NOTHING but bad things about his personality. HE IS A DICK.

  49. fire him says:

    Ashton Kutcher can suck a dick. Two and a Half Has Been.

  50. Sam says:

    He is the epitome of douche-baggery. You can tell there is not a minute in the day where he doubts his utter fabulosity. He’s extremely arrogant, narcissistic, and vain; his immaturity is an embarrassment to grown men and his success is beyond most “normal” people’s understanding. He can suck a dick, suck five dicks, I don’t care: I just hope he goes away. In fact, Lindsay Lohan can ride that train to Siberia with him.

  51. mohammad goldberg says:

    I cannot stand Ashton Kutcher. get a replacement for him….asap! Do whatever it takes! hell, bring back Charlie Sheen….or even Emilios Estevez. Somebody….

  52. aston kosher says:

    Just wanted to say keep up the good work. There are a lot of individuals in media that have reduced the quality of the US culture. Among those would be Paris Hilton, Sean Combs, Kim Kardashian, and Ashton Kutcher. Of course many others contribute to its degradation but those are the ones at the top of my list.

    They, including Ashton, have brought forth no value into this world and had they never existed there would be no impact other than having someone to teach your kids not to be like. However they were endowed with undeserving entitlement to suck the class from our culture and leave our society on a spiral downturn into what could be likened to the movie Idiocracy.

    I would love to talk to Ashton personally and at least attempt to convince him of his worthlessness and how it would make this world a better place if he could butterfly effect back in-time and be aborted.

  53. Sandy says:

    Yep, I think he sucks. What he did to Demi…he sucks.

  54. HolyFNshet says:

    I couldn’t finish the message. I hate him so much and its not because he acts like he is 12.
    and its not because he treats people like crap.
    Nope its not because he points out the obvious after every one else got it thinking he is the only one that got it because every one else all ready forgot about it.

    Is it because he is simultaneously in 3 places at once yet gets everyone else to do everything for him because he gets nothing accomplished on his own. Naaaa

    is it because of BURN!!!>:C .wrong

    Is it because you’ve been punked. couldn’t be can it .Guess what . I LIED THESE ARE ALL . THE REASONS I HATE


  55. HolyFNshet says:

    May banana whip cream pies of shame rain down apon you for the rest of your days

  56. HolyFNshet says:

    one more thing aston kosher you forgot to say SHNOOOOOKEEE

  57. TYLER says:

    Ashton Koucher cannot act. Never has and probably never will. He cannot fill Charlie Sheen’s role. His is a poor replacement. I do not know what all Sheen did but damn. Two and a Half Men used to be the best show on T.V.; but not now with that wanna-be Kutcher there. Fire him and replace him with someone that actually fits the role…..

  58. OMG says:

    Great article, great comments, finally,people who see me my way…..Ashton major loser,never liked him, never will, EVERYONE I talk with feels the same..NO Charisma….None…non existent. Don’t return to comedy scripted tv – YOU ARE NOT FUNNY.

    ugly major loser

  59. scf says:



  60. Maryam says:

    people can fall out of love…what’s da big deal about it?n u can fall in love with some1 more interesting..Damn hypocrites.whn it comes to thm they h different set of rules nd they view da wrld wd different eyes…I dont say u go out nd cheat…but baby stop complaining just coz some1 fall out of love wd some1 nd yeah tempted by happens wd every1.Dont u c he s drop dead georgeous.As 4 acting, i hv seen few movies i wud say i liked him as romantic lead.he reminds me of some1…nd whnever i miss him i c ashton’s movies. n cries.A lot like lov nd just married nd valentine 2.I hv my reason 4 liking him…but whn a person is beatiful nd handsome…they r somehow lured. they cant escape their charisma..think about it this way…

  61. Very efficiently written article. It will be beneficial to anyone who utilizes it, as well as myself. Keep doing what you are doing – looking forward to more posts.

  62. Cammiebr says:

    I hate Ashton Kutcher. And #Maryam, you should go back to school and learn to spell.

  63. Mach says:

    You guys suck its not his fault that charlie left two and a half man !!he just saved the show..his personal stuff arent any of your buissnes so just guve it a break…you re jealous because you re gay and you secretly love him:)

  64. DAREESE says:


  65. joe says:

    Ashton and Kristin Stewart were cut from the same “acting” cloth

  66. Chris says:

    Mach. I suppose you are a 13 year old girl, so i suppose we can all look over you. Not! Stupid bitch.

  67. Moo says:

    Ashton has fked 2 and half men show i used to like, why is he always trying to be cute who wants to see that? The show was funny till charlie was there now it is so boring. He can act but he cannot do comedy, fire him and get some one else.

  68. gellis much? says:

    i actually think ashton kutcher can act just not comedy. I also agree with mach. And i would cuss some of you out but i dont cuss. You guys may not like him but believe it or not he still gets paid millions.

  69. gellis much? says:

    i actually think ashton kutcher can act just not comedy. I also agree with mach. And i would cuss some of you out but i dont cuss. You guys may not like him but believe it or not he still gets paid millions.dont be jealous just cuz you dont get paid. And if you think he sucks so much why dont you take his spot cuz i would love 2 see yall try..

  70. Bumblebee says:

    He cannot act, that is certain, but he still does earn an abnormally lots of money. There’s still hope for the guy, but his future as an actor (even if he tries harder) looks pretty dismal. I do not hate the man, but he has chosen the wrong occupation for a living. How Ashton got to Hollywood is sheer, dum luck. That is all, but I do not see an Oscar or A Golden Globe.
    Se youtube video of Ashtons Palm Reading;

    PS Lindsay Lohan won’t even make it to E! Hollywood story or the History Books. The girl is gone,i don’t see and (I hope) a comeback soon.

    Leave comments on my discusson


  71. Bane says:

    Why doesn’t ashton kutcher just die no one like him

  72. Raspberry6 says:

    Ashton can go die after what he did to Demi. But now he is with Mila! Why? He would do the exact same thing he did to Demi. Once a cheater, always one! He cant act for shit! He thinks hes the best, good looking and thinks he mouth watering! I hate him. No offence to anyone that does, but this is my opinion and im sticking with it!

  73. Raspberry6 says:

    P.s: I take it back. Forget everything I just said. Im just depresseed and angry. I got some issues…. Sorry 🙁

  74. A4midabl1 says:

    Perhaps he leaves his brother out of the spotlight, because his brother wants to be left out of the spotlight.

  75. whatryou says:

    He studied biomedical engineering at U Iowa just so that he could have a chance at curing his bros heart illness genius!

  76. Derena says:

    Not a huuuuuge fan of Ashton kutcher but did you know he went to the university of Iowa and studied biochemical enginering in attempt to cure his brothers heart condition and maybe his broher doesn’t want to be in the spot light because of his conditions. Maybe if you thought and researched you’d probably get that.

  77. Rev McManus says:

    Not a fan of articles bashing people with baseless accusations and bad information sources (ie pretty
    Much every publication that exists in the media) Instead of posting crap out of jealousy, rage, hate, envy and arrogance why not humble yourselves and go do some volunteer work. Better yet, get a job, get a life, literally, how well is your life really working out if you sit around talking shit about celebs that NONE OF US actually know?!

  78. Bla says:

    He better not hurt Mila Kunis or I swear to god I will kick his ass to the moon

  79. FKTHESYSTEM says:

    He is playing Steve Jobs in the movie “Jobs” in a uncreative attempt to cash in on the fame “The Social Network” made. However, he is a douche and sucks at acting. Eat shit and die, fuckwade.

  80. Annoying batman and sidekick says:

    It is sad how mean people are… Why hate on some one you don’t know.. Just because he’s famous and shit! that is wrong because celebrities are also human! And just because you feel like you know someone because you read a tabloid or some media bull crap does not give you the right to “hate”…you don’t really know them…. Not personally. He did not hurt you?. and why hate anyone.?It makes me sick how much people want to hate and hate more than they love.
    what if everyone instead of talking about what or who they hate talked about what they were passionate about and loved… On the Internet
    . But do whatever floats your boat. Follow your heart . Peace and love. Bam

  81. just a hater says:

    i friggen hate ashton kutcher. if he hurts mila kunis i’ll kick his ass to the moon. he sucks at acting too.

  82. Gord says:

    Just because he doesn’t speak about his twin brother makes him a jerkwod? He almost committed suicide to save his brothers life by trying to for him the heart transplant he needed and he also took up biomedical engineering to try and cure his brothers cerebral palsy. So he’s not as ‘shallow’ as you might think he is

  83. youareallshallowcunts says:

    Way to put all of your energy into hating someone you don’t even know, and for ridiculous reasons. His brother was born with a serious heart defect, and Ashton would literally make himself too busy to feel about it. he stated that he “hated going home to hear more bad news about his brother.” when he was 13, he thought about committing suicide to give his brother the heart he so desperately needed. his father managed to persuade not to, and short after that, a donor from a accident in another state came through.

    his brother is still afflicted with Cerebral Palsy, but is on the board of directors of the charity organisation, Reaching For The Stars.

  84. Matt says:

    Fuck you all. May be the reason you envy him is because your girl friends like him more than you fat asses. He is reach , successful, Talented and hansome. You should definately like him otherwise stick it.

  85. Admin Admin says:

    I am a girl. Also, *you’re.

  86. Bill Michael says:

    Good grief, Ashton Kutcher is an O.K. guy so can we lay off the hate mail…??? The negative comments are from people who don’t know the first thing about the man.

  87. Mia says:

    too lame . all this is bs . Ashton doesn’t care what you people think , good or bad . and go do something for ur self , all this hate talk isn’t gonna conform you to a better life by bringing down highly irrelevant (and blah,blah,blah, & in my opinion , yea his acting is a really reaching out to a bandwagon type of audience .) so yea . >*] .

  88. Sam says:

    I can’t stand he looks like he is gay. Demi should have never dealt with that little boy.

  89. big daddy d says:

    this stupid prick fucking used his ex wife to get super rich and now he ends up with his original tv girlfriend i think it was part of their plan all all along how do you become successful by acting like a retard on the camera he must have been screwing people all along to get his roles men and women

  90. fuckoffashton says:

    He doesn’t do anything except scream like an idiot whenever he talks. He makes me wanna pull my ears off in that show punk’d. Ashton shut the fuck up no one cares. Fuck off and die. Thank you. roflmao

  91. Pingback: Ashton Kutcher Brother | Lancakbana

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