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Documentary Watch: The New York Hardcore Chronicles Film (+ Interview w/ Director, Drew Stone)

Antidote vocalist Drew Stone has done it again with his latest film, The New York Hardcore Chronicles. Stone has been directing films for almost 20 years, including 2010’s All Ages: The Boston Hardcore Film, which was very well received.  Now, the Chronicles displays an incredible journey through community and culture of the legendary and iconic New York hardcore scene.  The film is shot in an episodic format and has over 60 interviews, never before seen photos and footage along with a killer soundtrack.

Appearances include (but are not limited to): Roger Miret & Vinnie Stigma (Agnostic Front), Lou Koller, Craig Setari (Sick Of It All) Ray Cappo (Youth Of Today), Billy Graziadei (Biohazard), Billy Milano ( S.O.D. / M.O.D.) and Mike Judge (Judge).

”I’m really looking forward to this film, as a fan of the hardcore genre/culture in general, and of course the special New York hardcore faction we’re all part of,” – Freddy Cricien (Madball). “I go way back with Drew Stone — he actually filmed Madball’s very first video, and I consider him a friend. He has the credibility, the experience and — most importantly — the passion to deliver something super authentic, which for me and I’m sure a lot of folks, is most important of all!”

Get your tickets now!

Hollywood screening: July 21, 2017 (7:00 pm & 9:30 pm)

Long Beach screening: July 24, 2017 (9:00 pm)

I talked with director Drew Stone about the film.  Check out our interview below.

PWV: How long did you work on The New York Hardcore Chronicles? (both the actual filming process and editing)

DS: From top to bottom it took me about three years. At the same time I was also making my other film “Who The Fuck Is That guy the Fabulous Journey Of Michael Alago so there was a lot of overlap. The NYHC film was an outgrowth of The New York Hardcore Chronicles Facebook page which became so popular I figured why not make a film that followed the same format which basically centers on the community and the culture of the New York Hardcore scene. It’s NOT the “History of New York hardcore”.

PWV: Tell me what made you decide to dedicate this film to the victims of 9/11.

DS: I’m a new yorker thru and thru and like many others was deeply affected by that tragedy. I was downtown near the world trade center when the planes hit and just felt that it was my small way to pay homage to those that passed to that fateful day. It was the pearl harbor of our generation and still resonates here in New York City to this day.

PWV: What is your favorite part of the film?

DS: Interviewing the boogieman of graffiti MQ was a real highlight for me. He’s a guy that just does not get in front of the camera so his interview was a real accomplishment. I think the graffiti segment of the film is really great. For the most part I still really enjoy watching the film which I cannot say about all the films I’ve done. Some of them I struggle thru watching at this point but this one still brings me joy. I really do love it.

PWV: Is there anyone that you wanted to appear in the film that you weren’t able to interview?

DS: There were a couple people that declined appearing in the film for whatever reason but there is no sense in getting into that. Calling them out would just draw unwanted attention to them and breed resentment and I don’t want to go there. People make their choices in life.

PWV: How did you find the man that created the legendary New York hardcore logo?

DS: Kevin Crowley was the singer for the Abused and I used to play shows with him back in the day at the A7 club when I was the singer in the High And The Mighty and then later with Antidote. I always knew that he created the logo so I just reached out to him on Facebook and eventually travelled to Pennsylvania to interview him. People really love that segment and I’m glad I could finally bring that little bit of NYHC history to light.

PWV: What was the first hardcore show you ever attended?

DS: In Aug. of 1981 I went up to Emerson Collage in Boston Mass. to study acting. Soon after my arrival I was introduced to a guy in the Emerson cafeteria who had his head shaved. At the time the only people that had their heads shaved were marines and psychopaths. He told me that his name was “Choke” and he was into this “Hardcore” thing. “Hardcore”? I replied “What do you mean Hardcore? Like The B52’s, Joan Jett or Blonde”? I didn’t have a fucking clue what he was getting at so after trying to explain it to me for a while we decided the best way for me to understand the whole thing was to just go and experience it for myself. So a few days later we trooped to downtown Boston and into an old factory building to a place called the Media Workshop for a Sunday matinee show. As fate would have out it was one of SS Decontrol’s first shows and it turned out to be a pivot point in my life. There were about 30 people there and everyone in attendance was my age or younger. There were no drugs or alcohol around which was very strange to me coming from a very different environment back in New York City. I felt very connected to what was going on in the room and jumped right into the melee. After the band finished playing the guitar player Al “Lethal” Barile came up and introduced himself to me and in turn the introduced the other guys in the band. He was very interested in knowing who I was and where I came from. It was a VERY small scene back then so when someone new showed up they were met with much enthusiasm. Regardless to say after that I was swept up in the burging early Boston Hardcore scene which to say the least was a extremely exciting time. Eventually I crapped out of school and made my way back to New York City.

PWV: What made you want to form Stone Films instead of just working for other companies?

DS: Ha! Working for other people just didn’t work out for me so in a way I had no choice and was forced to start my own production company and do my own thing. I am one of the last of the truly independent filmmakers.

PWV: You’re obviously into hardcore, but what are some of your favorite punk bands?

DS: The Clash, Cock Sparrer, The Misfits, The Buzzcocks. Do they still qualify as “Punk” bands? Seems more like “Classic Rock” these days.

PWV: What’s your next project we should be on the lookout for?

DS: I’ve got a few things up my sleeve. My other film “Who The Fuck Is That Guy? The Fabulous Journey Of Michael Alago is being released next week and is doing a weeklong run in Hollywood at the Arena Cinelounge. After that it’s going to Video On Demand and then Netflix. I’ve also been working on 2 books as well. One is The New York Hardcore Chronicles Vol. #1 (1980-1989) which is basically people commenting on flyers from shows in that first wave of NYHC. The other book is called “The Road To Ruin” which is about growing up as part of the “Black Generation” in New York City in the 1970’s and 80’s. I’m the Executive Producer on a Muhammad Ali documentary that is coming out in Jan. called “Me Whee” and the film I did a couple of years ago xxx ALL AGES xxx The Boston Hardcore film is being released on I-Tunes, Amazon, Google play and other platforms this winter. I’ve always wanted to do a documentary about the Misfits so hopefully that will happen one of these days as well. Chances are we are going to do a few Antidote shows if the right opportunity comes up and I’m doing my acoustic thing with The Drew Stone Hit Squad every now and then.

PWV: What’s the best way for people to follow your upcoming work? (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc..)

DS: The New York Hardcore Chronicles Facebook page is what set the film into motion and always has interesting stuff on it. The New York Hardcore Chronicles Film DVD and merchandise can be found here and my website.


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