Ex-Suicide Machines Vocalist Starts New Band

Jay Navarro, ex Suicide Machines vocalist, recently announced a new Detroit based pop-punk music venture called Break Anchor.

They’re streaming a brand new track HERE, so check it out!

Jay recently told Spinner.com, “People don’t really know the whole story of the end of the Suicide Machines. In short, I had decided to either to call it quits or just play shows once and awhile.” And that’s exactly what he did. Navarro found a job and settled into the daily grind. Six years have passed since then,” he explains. “A job with medical insurance and a 401k, not a ton of money but steady scraping by. It’s a brutal job working in a 10-below freezer, lifting heavy-ass cases 60 hours a week. I come home tired and sore as f— like most blue-collar people.”

Their upcoming album, Blackhearts and Blackouts will be released on Paper + Plastic March 20th.

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