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WHERE U AT: One Man Army?

I was sifting through my CDs the other day, looking for something new to listen to in my car (YES, I still have CDs in my car), and I came across One Man Army’s album Rumors and Headlines (2002, Adeline Records). Does this happen to you, and you’re like “What the hell happened to this band?” It’s like they just Irish goodbye’d all of us.

BY THE WAY: So this is the first installment of a new PWV category: WHERE U AT? It’s is a fresh “where are they now” style of news. I find it interesting to see what certain bands are up to now a days that haven’t been very active, or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention and everyone already knows they went on hiatus, or whatever the deal was? We will see! Let me know on Twitter and Facebook who you want me to dig into next time!


The band went on hiatus in 2005 but reunited in 2011 and released She’s An Alarm on Adeline Records in 2012. The label also re-released the band’s first two albums. But then what? I don’t think the band meant to go on another hiatus at that point, but April 6, 2015, Heiko Schrepel (bass) passed away.  The final lineup was Jack Dalrymple at vocals and guitar, Heiko Schrepel (bass, backup vocals) and Chip Hanna (drums).


There has been no word of the band getting together to play or write any music. It seems that all of the members have moved on with new projects. Jack Dalrymple went on to form Dead to Me and still partakes in successful bands like toyGuitar and Swingin’ Utters. Jack makes an appearance in my “Fat Bands Tell PWV Their First Fat Wreck Album + Fave Fat Band” video shot a few months ago. Check it out!


Chip Hanna, whom also drummed for US Bombs, went onto start a project called  Chip Hanna & The Berlin Three, which doesn’t super active anymore, but no breakup/hiatus announcement was made. Chip also performs solo and in 2005/06, he did two European with The Real McKenzies and and The Briggs. According to Chuck’s Facebook page (fan page, not personal), he is still playing solo shows, the last one being just a few months ago in September in Phoenix, where he seems to reside now.  You can check out his website to keep up with tour dates if you’re interested!


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