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Published on March 6th, 2016 | by Denise Borders


“I Want Drugs” vs. “We Only Came to Get High”

A while back, I did a Mr. Coffee vs. Coffee Mug: Who Brewed the Better Song? post comparing Lagwagon’s Mr. Coffee to the Descendents’ Coffee Mug. Now, I love both bands with all my heart, so it wasn’t trying to say one band is better than the other or anything like that, just a fun comparison of breaking down the song’s lyrics and so on to see maybe who wrote the better coffee-themed anthem. This is no different in the sense. I want to start doing more stuff like this just to sort of pit two similar things against each other to get a general consensus as to which of the two people prefer. So, ONWARD!

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This segment doesn’t really have a title or anything, so we’ll just pretend like I came up with something super clever and everyone’s down.  Today, we are breaking down “I Want Drugs” by the Meatmen and “We Only Came to Get High” by the Dwarves.  The Meatmen and the Dwarves are two easily compared bands, in that they both have a “don’t give a fuck” attitude about pretty much everything.  The Meatmen will blatantly sing about hating French people and the Dwarves have countless songs about banging 14 year olds. Soooo, yeah. I chose these two songs because they’re clearly both about doing drugs. Sorry, grandma.


Meatmen “I Want Drugs”  from Pope on a Rope (2008)


Crack the dawn, alarm’s screamin’ call
I coulda sworn my head was a basketball
Crispy, spent, shot from last night’s binge
GUESS what?? I’ll do it again!!!
Don’t need it… just want it
You got it? Let’s have it!
Get high… might die
But at least we’ll die happy!
Sooooo… we shoot
Methedrine in our veins
Bathtub crank = freight-train-brain
Gobble downs to make me sane
Percodan and Valium
High-grade ganga
Yum.. yum.. yum!
Choice! An eight ball!!
Give me some!
Life’s a mind numbing, bogus drag
“Just Say No” peckerheads
they make me gag
Half asleep when I eat my pill
Half hour later wired to KILL!!
Don’t need it, just want it
You got it, let’s have it!
Get high, might die
But at least we’ll die happy!!
Seconal and Dexedrine
One’s cool burn…one’s fast and lean
Uh-oh Norman’s turnin’ green
Heroin and Demorol
Opiates, lets have a ball
‘Til that veil of tears must fall


Something I notice in this track is the almost battle of knowing you don’t “need” it but wanting it, but on the other end of the spectrum, The Dwarves song definitely is un-remorseful.




Dwarves “We Only Came to Get High” The Dwarves are Born Again (2011)

Lyrics (* these are the only ones I could find online, I know they are not 100% accurate, my apologies)

I feel so alive
When I am high
Never will die
? to survive
Steve got the stash
Wide on the grass
Spend all my cash

Some we know might just perpetrate
Or need to aggravate, but that ain’t our case
Yeah, you know we never hesitate
We just accelerate
Speed up the pace

Snort what you got
Smoke all your pot
We only came to get high
Take all your pills
Go for the kill
We only came to get high

I feel so alive
When I am high
Never will die
? smack

Speed up the pace!

Snort what you got
Smoke all your pot
We only came to get high
Take all your pills
Go for the kill
We only came to get high

Get high!


And then there’s the self-proclaimed “best band ever,” the Dwarves. Their relentless, unapologetic take on drugs, 14-year old girls and just general immoral things in general is almost endearing in a way. You have to appreciate something that just is what it is with no excuse or apologies. They’ve always been there to shock us or end a show early by damaging something too much, and it’s what we love about them.



So, what are these bands trying to get across exactly? I think it’s pretty clear. Drugs and stuff. Now the real question is, which is better? I have to give it to The Dwarves on this one due to the overwhelming amount of fucks not given that outweigh even the fucks not given in the Meatmen track. Good job, dudes. Good job.

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