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Interview: Nick Oliveri (QOTSA, The Dwarves, Mondo Generator, Kyuss)

PWV had the chance to e-chat with Nick Oliveri, known for being a member of Queens of the Stone age, The Dwarves, Kyuss and his main project, Mondo Generator.  I wanted to hear about his upcoming solo album, Leave Me Alone, along with how he deals with his anger issues. Check it out!


PWV: Leave Me Alone will be your solo debut. What took so long to get a solo album out?

Well, I had an accident my car and it set me back from recording this record, also I was on tour with the Moistboyz and I would back them up anytime that I’d be asked because Mickey is one of the greatest guitar players of all time. Guy Heller is a bad ass vocalist and they are good people (in my book), and also I was on tour with BL’AST! and I put it on the back burner for a minute.

PWV: You also produced the album yourself. Have you produced other albums?

I produced this record with the help of Harper Hug and Trevor Whatever at thunder underground in Palm Springs California without their help I could not have done this myself everything is my final say, or the record won’t ever see the light of day. Also I put up that the funds for the budget for making this record, I own the masters, I wrote the songs and all parts (bass, drums, guitars, lyrics).

PWV: I see that you just had a birthday. How did you celebrate 43 years on earth?

I celebrated my birthday by not doing anything, pretty much!  I think I went to a Mexican restaurant and had some good food and margaritas and just chilled. No wait…… I’m wrong I played a show with BL’AST! and the Dwarves in SF.

PWV: You’re active again with QOTSA. Does Blag make fun of you for being involved with that band? Pardon me if I am mistaken, but I feel like he’s not a fan.

No, I’m not an active member of Queens of the Stone Age. It was a one time thing to join them onstage. If this were a reunion and getting the band back together, I would’ve played bass that night! But it was an honor to do it and my band opened up .  As far as Blag liking the Queens of the Stone Age, I would say no, he’s not a fan. As far as Blag making fun of me, no he does not make fun of me, I’m his bro and he supports the music things that I do and vice versa . He took Kyuss on our first tour back in 1990. I was a kid I look up to Blag, he’s a good friend.

PWV: I’ve read about some anger issues you’ve had in the past. What are some ways you get through fits of rage? (asking for a friend)

First of all let me start by saying this question is pissing me off and secondly I’m just kidding but I get through anger like anybody else does you know I take lots of drugs and I drink!!! Ha ha. No seriously I play drums I picked up a drum set instead of a punching bag. and I hit them when I get angry and they make me feel better. And sometimes I just deal with it, just EVERYBODY else.

PWV: What’s your drink of choice?

Cold beer. I don’t like hip beer like PBR, it’s terrible, but cold beer is my brand and I like little tequila too. Patron silver.

PWV: When you tour as a solo artist, do you have a crew? (i.e. tour managers, techs, merch person, etc..)

When I tour as a solo acoustic artist I don’t have a crew and when I tour with a full band I don’t have a crew as well. We have a tour manager but basically we set up our own gear like a real band and that is out touring/working and playing live shows and we can’t afford to bring any extra people in our little van, so we don’t!

PWV: Has your experience touring solo been much different than when you’re with a band?

Yes it is much different to tour with the band for me. You have a full band to depend on to make your shows better you can’t hide behind anything when you’re by your self it’s virtually naked on stage and every mistake and every bad note is heard. Nothing to hide behind, no loud amps so it’s much different.

PWV: Josh has fired you three times. Are you doing anything different now to assure you aren’t going to get canned again?

I guess doing something different. To not get fired would mean being a “yes-man” and I’m never going to be that. I have a voice and speak up for what I believe is right in any band or creative situation to have input and being part of a band you have to you have input to do that so I don’t know what I would possibly do differently at my 43-year-old age. Change for this old dog isn’t gonna happen. However I started my own band and I can’t be fired from it. My name is in the title!!!!!

PWV: Tell me one piece of advice you’d give to any artist considering making a solo debut.

My advice to anybody wanting to do a solo debut album is: go for it . But, if it’s your third solo effort like mine and everybody thinks it’s still your first, I’d say well, don’t do it! Keep your band.

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