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Published on November 23rd, 2016 | by Denise Borders


Moshing Around the Xmas Tree: A Holiday Gift Guide for Punks

The holiday season is nearly here and that means it’s time to start shopping. Sure, you could probably dumpster dive something decent for your crustpunk friends. But for everyone else, it’s worth taking the time to get them something nice. These are five picks for something fun you can find for the punk rocker in your life.

Guitar Lessons

Sometimes, punk isn’t necessarily remembered as the most technically complex music, but that’s also missing the point. The music is about the message and the feeling. And as long as you have the attitude, that’s what’s important. Still, everyone wants to be better at guitar. Learning more than the chords for D, G, and A can put you one step ahead of all your friends and get you well on your way to starting your own band. A gift certificate for a few lessons would be appreciated by just about everyone, not just the budding musician.

Punk Rock Sweaters

Sweaters aren’t what they used to be. There are plenty of irreverent and downright badass sweaters that you can scoop up for your favorite punk. We highly recommend avoiding the now cliche ugly Christmas sweater, because there are plenty of punk rock options including an amazing Descendants sweater that actually doesn’t suck (unlike everything). It even includes the classic drawing of Milo!

Brass Knuckle Phone Case

Sometimes punks get in fights. It happens. When it does you want to make sure your friend has what they need to win, and with a brass knuckle phone case, they’ll be ready to do some serious damage in their next alleged dustup. Of course, we don’t actually recommend engaging in fisticuffs, but this is still the most brutal phone case we’ve ever seen. It’s also a great stocking stuffer for your punk pals.

Lemmy Funko Pop Figure

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearing the first anniversary of the death of Lemmy. Honestly, we thought he’d never die and would forever be sustained on an unholy mixture of speed and Jack Daniels. Sadly, like the man said, no one wants to live forever, so we find ourselves remembering the legendary bassist in a variety of ways. For the cyberpunks among you, there’s an online game based on the band that pays tribute to the iconic group. It recognizes that no band epitomizes rock and roll more than the legendary Motörhead, and it features some of their biggest hits while you play. For those looking for something they can put their fingers on, try the new vinyl figure from the folks at Funko Pop. The mini-statue recreates Lemmy in Funko Pop’s trademark style—warts and all. This figure is perfect for just about anywhere, and is a must-have for Motörhead fans.

The Entire Punk-O-Rama Collection

For punk rockers of a certain age, the Punk O Rama compilations from Epitaph were a seminal introduction to dozens of crucial bands from the ’90s. Featuring a slew of punk bands—from Bad Religion to the Bouncing Souls to Turbonegro—a box of all 10 of these would make any fan lose their minds. The final entry in the series came out 11 years ago and there’s no box set (get on it, Epitaph!), but you can still buy the individual CDs online and box them yourself (they’re not too expensive). It might take a little more effort than most presents, but it would be an incredibly thoughtful gift that’d definitely make you a holiday hero.


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