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Songs I Think These Bands Should Open Their Live Set With

Have you ever been at a show and once the band starts playing their opener, you’re like “Why the fuck would they open with THAT one?” WELL, I HAVE.  So here is a list of songs that I think these bands should consider using as the opener and why I think so!

Good Riddance – Fertile Fields


I will give it to GR in that that typically choose good openers. Out of Mind is also a great song to open with and I’ve seen them do just that. I feel like it’s a great idea to open with a song that is the first track of an album, also something fast and upbeat. Fertile Fields would be a great choice because it’s a song that most every GR fan knows, and they can start with the dialogue audio as they walk on stage, and then dive into the song.  Think about it, boys.

Lagwagon – After You My Friend 


Lagwagon often opens with Alien 8, which does follow my “open with the first track of an album” theory, but I think that they should choose a song that has a quicker break into the meat of the song. Does that make any sense? Also, as much as I love the song Alien 8, I don’t think it’s a great track to open a show with. I think it sounds more like a song to play towards the end of a set, really. But anyway, I think that After You My Friend is a solid, quintessential LW track and it would be a fun opener!

Descendents – I Don’t Wanna Grow Up


They open with Everything Sux a lot, which I think is a great opener.  However, this is a band that I think breaking my “first track of the album” theory would fit. This band is also different than most of the others on this list because many Descendents songs are 40 seconds long, so the opener of the set goes by quickly. I Don’t Wanna Grow Up is a quintessential Descendents track, and would be a superb opener! Are you hearing me, Milo?

NOFX – Bob


For whatever reason, I always have a strong opinion on NOFX’s set list. I feel like they make bizarre choices not only in what songs they choose to play sometimes, but the order. Like they play Linoleum way too early. That is one of my favorite NOFX songs and I think if they aren’t going to open with it, they should close with it and not play it 3rd or 4th in the set. Most times I’ve seen them, they open with 60% which I don’t understand at all. What an underwhelming song. Anywho- they do typically play Bob live, but not first. I think it’s a great sing-a-long that most fans know, and would be a WAY better opener than 60%. Come on.

The Dwarves – The Dwarves are Still the Best Band Ever

Ahh… the weirdest band ever. How can you not open with the song that has “Let’s just get high and fuck some sluts” in the chorus? The Dwarves are Still the Best Band Ever is the title track on Born Again, which is one of the bands newer albums, but still doesn’t cease to represent everything this band has been about the last 20 years. If I’m not mistaken, they have opened with this song when I’ve seen them live, and definitely have at least played in at some point in the set. They have pretty good set list choices, so I don’t have a lot of complaints. My favorite is that they change it up. Over You is one of my favorite Dwarves songs, and they don’t always play it in their live sets, but sometimes they do! I like not knowing what to expect in a set list, or well… in a show at all. Like will HeWho have his ding dong dangling in the front row’s face or not? Only time will tell.

Do you agree or disagree with me? Tell me on Twitter or Facebook (or in the comments below)!

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