Published on June 30th, 2017 | by Denise Borders

What I Think About the Dickies’ Behavior on Warped Tour [2017]

I know I’m late to the game but I’ve been unavailable lately so, HERE I AM NOW.  So, if you somehow missed it, the Dickies frontman, Leonard whats-his-butt, was spewing offensive language at some chick in the Warped Tour audience, calling her a fat cunt and so on.  It happened and it’s all on video. The first thing I thought after watching it for myself was, “I need to know what provoked him to do this before I have a fully formed opinion.” However, after reading a few various articles on the event, the only conclusion I came to was that someone threw some sort of feminist related sign at him and that made him fly off the handle. I feel very uninformed. [I am basing this info from an AtlPress article with quotes from Kevin Lyman]

Despite all that, I have mixed feelings about this. I mean… first off, it’s the Dickies.  These dudes have been doing this shit longer than the mass majority of Warped attendees have been alive. Not saying that gives him the right to call someone a fat cunt or whatever, but I bet most of these young kids have no real clue who the Dickies are and what they’re about. GG Allin used to throw poop on people and punch chicks in the face at his shows and fans would come back for more. Punk rock has no definition and the behavior of its community cannot really be defined either.  Some say “oh they’re just being true punk rockers” and others say “It’s not punk rock to offend women” and blah blah, but I don’t really see it so black and white because I feel that being “punk rock” is probably very different for everyone. Sure, I lean more toward the “don’t give two fucks” side of the argument, but I also don’t blame Lyman for booting them off the tour after the incident because it would’ve definitely looked bad on him if he didn’t respond and take action. However, that brings up the point about certain people on the tour have been charged or accused of child molestation or something of that nature, but honestly I don’t really know enough about that part to have an opinion about that.  Those bands are mostly bands I don’t follow or read articles about, so I just sort of move along.

Anywho- I’m only a few beers deep into this “blurby-blurb” as I call them, and I’m not sure if I’ve really gotten any sort of point across. But you know what? OH WELL. I guess that’s because the bottom line is I am not surprised by this behavior.  In fact, I’d expect nothing less from a band like this. I’m not in any way, shape or form saying that as a dis. The Dickies are an old school punk band and they’re going to say whatever the hell they want. The festival owner took action as he saw fit and I don’t disagree with his decision.  I can only compare it to something like…. going to a Dwarves show and actually seeing them finish their entire set without Blag or someone in the band just throwing the drumkit into the audience and then someone getting mad and leaving the stage only to not return. That’s just the way shit is.

If you missed the video, you can see it in this Rockfeed article.


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