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Top Ten Tips to Being Vegan on the Road: Russ Rankin


If anyone knows about being on the road as a vegan, it’s Russ Rankin of the most awesome band ever, Good Riddance. This dude has been eating vegan on the road long before you could just use an app or GPS to find something easy to eat, so I trust that he has some pretty damn good advice. Check out his list below and be sure to share any of your experiences with the man on Twitter!


1. Learn how to spot secret/hidden animal products in ingredient lists

2. Find out which prominent chains offer vegan options (Starbucks has soy milk, Chili’s has a vegan black bean burger, Harvey’s in Canada offers vegan burger, etc.)

3. At restaurants, remember to ask server about hidden or unmentioned animal products, i.e., at a Mexican place, ask if the beans have lard, and if the rice has chicken broth, at Indian restaurants, make sure you ask for no ghee (clarified butter), and at Thai or Vietnamese places, make sure you ask for no fish sauce

4. Learn what easily accessible gas station snacks are accidentally vegan (Doritos sweet chili heat chips, Oreos cookies, etc.)

5. Make sure your promoter knows that you want any catering they arrange to be animal-free (hummus, pita bread, fresh fruit, etc.), ask if they get a deal at any local vegan places for dinner

6. Use available technology/apps to find the rad vegan spot in whatever town you’re playing in (Happy Cow, etc.)

7. Reach out ahead of time via social media and ask people who are coming to the show to bring homemade vegan goodies

8. Hit up a natural foods market once or twice and stock up on non-perishables (vegan protein/energy bars, etc.)

9. Contact local Food Not Bombs chapters and have them table your show, they usually bring or cook vegan food on site.

10. When all else fails, french fries.


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